Our Values

Cromwell is a ‘values led’ organisation and our corporate beliefs are encapsulated in this short statement.

“Our teams of principled, empathetic and spirited people build collegiality to create an environment that fosters a drive for accuracy and diligence.  With the courage of our convictions, we embrace accountability for our decisions and actions.  Our humility deeply commits us to continuous improvement.” - Paul Weightman, CEO Cromwell Property Group.


We set the standards. We focus on what is right.


We consider other peoples’ views and feelings. We are respectful and fair.


The team comes first. We before I, us before we.


We are determined, efficient and careful. We have a strong attention to detail and get things right first time.


We have the conviction to do what we think is right, when we think it is right.


We are responsible for our decisions and our actions. We own up to our mistakes.


We are confident but not arrogant. We listen. We put others first.


We are deeply committed to sustainable business practices. We continuously measure, benchmark, learn and improve.


We are passionate about property. We are energetic, enthusiastic and celebrate success.